Snack Attack! Meiji Gummies

Hey guys, today I’m going to do a short review on my thoughts for these packets of gummies.  Let’s jump right in on them. 😀


These packs are a standard Halloween size, perfect to just throw in your bag as a to go treat.  I’m just going to go by the image that’s shown on the front package as to which flavour they are.


Grape: The second I opened the package, I got a huge whiff of artificial grape.  Luckily I enjoy this smell but it could be too strong for some who particularly don’t.  But I’d imagine that you wouldn’t even purchase it if you didn’t.  The gummy texture is the same as to what North America would have so for comparison it could be gummy sharks.  The taste wasn’t any sort of surprise for me, just your typical artificial grape taste.  Nothing too over powering or under powering.

Orange: This smell doesn’t smell like orange but more like a tangerine smell.  I like tangerine so that’s okay.  The taste however, is almost a mix of orange and tangerine.  I’m thinking that this flavour is some sort of Asian fruit that I’m not aware of.  It’s not bad.

Apple:  The smell is like a real apple smell but I can’t quite put my finger on as to which apple it is in particular.  It has a very sweet smell that compliments the taste as well.  Personally, I can only take a small dose of this gummy and then my senses go into overdrive because it’s such a sweet smell and taste.


I’m not overly a gym person but I’d say that out of all three, the grape one was my favourite.  Have you tried these before?  Let me know in the comments your thoughts on them if you have!


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