Snack attack!

Hey guys!  Today I’m going to review this selection of Asian munchies from Raelene’s box!  Keep reading to hear my thoughts.19369785_1998403213722823_1568379949_nKit Kats:I’ve seen these Asian chocolate bars everywhere, with all sorts of flavours but I  think these are tea flavored.  The texture is the same as Kit Kats but the taste is definitely of the flavour.  I wasn’t a huge fan of this taste but it isn’t deterring me from trying to get my hands on the other flavours to try out!


Cinderella “Otona Pack’ncho” Cookies:  These are probably the best snack out of the whole bunch.  Tasting just like the chocolate girl guide cookies, you can’t get any better.  It doesn’t hurt that they have Disney images on the cookie bites.

Pocky:  I have never had a bad experience with Pocky and this one was no different.  This is my first time trying the almond Pocky.  These are slightly bigger than any other pocky I’ve tried and this may be so because of the almond bits on the stick.  The chocolate tasted more creamy and pure than artificial and that’s the best way I can describe it.


Mini Peach:  I was so looking forward to this candy and it was overall fairly disappointing.  First of all, the opening was a one time open, it had to be eaten in one sitting!  They are in little candy mint forms like something you’d let sit in your mouth and dissolve.  The flavouring wasn’t anything to run home about either.   It was definitely an artificial type peach and quite frankly, didn’t even taste much of that.


Hello Kitty Arcade Candy:  These are definitely a novelty candy.  If you’re a tin collector, you should definitely have this in your collection if you already don’t.  As far as the candy goes, it’s not terrible but not something I’d go out of my way to buy.


Overall I’d have to say that my ultimate favourite Asian snack so far would have to be the Disney cookies.  They just bring me back to my childhood and I love it.   I would definitely repurchase the pocky and try the Kit Kats in different flavours.  Have you tried any of these candies? What are your thoughts?



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