Snack Attack! Hello Kitty

Hey guys! it’s my day off and I’m having a little snack, today I decided to indulge in an Asian food snack and the snack I chose was a Hello Kitty box.

19755869_2008578962705248_1751808967_nI honestly can never get over Asian packaging, and to add Hello Kitty on top of that all?SOLD!

19758148_2008578976038580_451728949_nI thought this was a DIY snack kit but it happens to be a perforated Hello Kitty figurine that’s extremely easy to put together.  It looks like you can collect the different characters throughout the snacks.


So this is my snack.  The crackers are sealed in a bag in the box and my Hello Kitty figurine is leaning against the box.  The cookies are pretty much just like graham crackers.  Overall it certainly is a cute snack that could keep the little ones entertained for a while, but I think that this is definitely a novelty item.  With that being said, I found myself wanting more every time I’d stop.  If the price was right, I’d probably purchase again.


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