The Body Shop Spa of the World Massaging oil

Hey guys! Today I’m going to take a closer look at the Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil in the Spa of the World line at The Body Shop.  That sure was a mouthful, but let’s get right into it.


I’ve always had a hair oil after my showers. It makes me feel like my procedure is complete, even if it’s just that.  I really loved the Spa of the World collection and wanted just about everything in it.  Unfortunately, my financial status couldn’t support that so I settled with this beautiful bottle.  They have an assortment of oils but this one stuck out to me because it was not just a body oil but also for your hair-which is exactly what I was after!


I use this every.single.time I step out of the shower-I’m lost when I’ve left it somewhere or can’t find it.  It definitely has a Monoi smell to it, but it’s so subtle so that you can layer your parfumes on top of it without having anything clashing.  I would definitely consider this one of my favourite products at the moment.  I don’t like to put a whole lot on because it is an oil and it would make my hair oily if I put on too much.  I use this mainly for my hair but I have put it on my arms a few times and it has a pretty good absorption consistency as well.

The immediate effects for my hair has been noticeable in shine and helping to prevent damage for a long term effect.  The smell sticks for quite a while but I won’t keep reapplying just to maintain the smell effect because it could make my hair have a greasy look-then I’ll have to wash my hair off.


When I run out, I’ll probably explore other hair oil options only because it’s good to have variety, especially when they last quite a while for me anyways. I would definitely recommend this product though for its multi-functional use and it’s just overall pretty amazing.

Have you tried this or any products from The Body Shop?  We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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