Marc Anthony Aloe Vera Jasmine

Hey guys! So I’m currently in the process of buying as many leave in conditioner packets as I can because well they’re life.  While on my hunt for these, I stumbled upon a hand cream that was super cheap.  When I got home I realized that I had these two that matched up!  I’ll get right into my thoughts on them.


First let’s talk about the hand cream. I really enjoy this cream because of its absorption properties.  It goes on with zero residue of oil right from the beginning and immediately absorbs into my skin.  It’s not an Aloe smell but more of a florally one and I’m not necessarily turned off by it but I think that it could be misleading for people if they didn’t smell it before purchasing.  at 3.4oz. it’s not quite yet a full sized but too big for a travel size, we’re in the awkward phase, please have patience.  This hand cream is definitely a multi-functional one where you can use it in the summer for its zero residue qualities  as well as the winter for its highly effective moisturizing components.


Next we will talk about the leave in conditioner.  I really enjoyed the smell of it despite not smelling like aloe vera at all but more florally.  I left it in for a few hours before I rinsed it out, I really do find this allows me to get the fullest exposure and result that it provides.  My night time routine is now to braid my hair before sleep while it’s still wet.  My theory is that the benefit to this regarding the mask is that it will hold in the scent overnight.  This proves to be true, and in fact it will hold the scent substantially longer throughout the day after you take your braids out as well.  Not only did this increase the results for scent but also increased my results in shine.  My hair felt and looked amazing!!


Have you tried these products? Let us know what you think of them!

Is there anything you’d like us to review?  Let us know in the comments!


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