Femme couture lip paint mod metal

Hey guys!

I just have a quick disclaimer before we start diving into the product! Everything posted in this post are strictly my opinions with no affiliation to the company itself.

Raelene posted her favourite lipstick shade on Instagram the other day and I thought that was a great idea and got me thinking. I’ve also recently found my new go-to lipstick as well and was looking around like a crazy rabbit trying to find it to share as well.  While being unsuccessful at the time, I did find my favourite perfume and posted that instead.  The following morning, I woke up to this on the floor with cat bites luckily only on the end with no punctures!

Pretty Penny

If you haven’t been into Sallys lately, this is the product you will want to go in for.  This lip paint goes on like a lipgloss and stays that way, but it isn’t so much super sticky like one, of course I wouldn’t go out in the wind with my long hair down with it.  Personally, I find that it has the staying power of a liquid-matte shade.

​You can really tell in my swatch how pigmented and metallic the color is. and yes, it really does get that shiny in natural sunlight!  The staying power is seriously something to run home about.  I can put it on in the morning and by the time I get home in the evening, it’s still there from my first application!  It’s such a powerful lip paint that even your meals won’t even put a dent in it.

Sometimes even when you do put lipliner on, glosses and lipsticks have the tendency to bleed and for dark shades it can be pretty annoying.  This lip color seems to have a wax-like coating on it so to prevent from bleeding.  For such a statement color, you don’t want bleeding.  Soap and water will remove the product after your busy day.

A few things that were a selling point for me is that it smelled just like cupcakes, better than Mac products.  The brush is a good shape so that it isn’t a super messy application.  My favourite season is Fall and that’s the first thing I thought about when I seen the color.   It’s absolutely gorgeous and I just had to have it.  It’s also safe to say that I’ve been using it quite often regardless of the season.

Again, if you have tried this product and have anything else to comment or any questions, feel free to comment on our posts!



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